Original folding fan

Our shop faithfully accepts inquiries from customers and the image of the order content, and strives every day to deliver fans that exceed imagination on time. We are particular about hand-painting rather than printing, and we will make only one folding fan in the world. We inspect and adjust each folding fan that is handcrafted by a large number of craftsmen before delivering it to our customers.


At Manyo, a skilled craftsman puts your name in calligraphy, one letter at a time, wholeheartedly. The texture and luxury unique to hand-painted products have been well received by customers who are looking for a one-of-a-kind product.
It can be used as a special gift for your loved ones' birthdays and anniversaries, for weddings and longevity celebrations, for business occasions, and as souvenirs for overseas trips.
In addition to your name, you can also include nicknames, initials, company names, brand names, and organization names. You can choose your favorite color according to the folding fan and your preference.

A gift for a milestone

Baby gifts (with baby's name), housewarmings, coming-of-age ceremonies, 60th birthdays, 70th birthdays, umbrella trees, eighteenth birthdays, birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, promotion transfer celebrations, retirement gifts, etc.
Fans are also known as [Suehiro Suehiro] and have long been valued as lucky charms. Even in modern times, it can be said to be the best gift for various celebrations.
It is a gift that is given with all your heart so that the person who gives it will have a happy life.

How to order

Please check each detailed page for how to order.
Be sure to check the precautions before ordering. Custom-made products are a service that can only be used by customers living in Japan.


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